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New Products For June

Chorizo Mexican Style Sticks
Chorizo, Mexican Style Snack Sticks will want to make you put on your sombrero and dance some Salsa! Chorizo has a spicy Mexican taste that will make ... more info
Elk Peppered Sticks
You don't have to be a big game hunter to get your hands on quality Elk meat! We offer the finest Elk Jerky snacks is produced by Buffalo Bob's® ... more info
Honey Ham Sticks
Honey Ham Snack Sticks are for the person that is looking for the tame but fulfilling treat. Honey Ham Snack Sticks tastes like a soft, juicy honey ... more info

Kangaroo Outback Sticks
Kangaroo Jerky and Kangaroo Snack Sticks is not something you find at your local convenience store or bar every day. Kangaroo meat isn't exactly easy ... more info
Maple Duck Sticks
Maple Duck Snack Sticks is a succulent treat that will make your mouth water and leave your tummy and brain wanting more! Maple Duck has a mildly ... more info
Ostrich Sticks
There is not a more healthy and tastier meat in the world than Ostrich! Some people may have a hard time swallowing the idea that the world's largest ... more info

Pheasant Sticks
Pheasant has traditionally been a mark of quality at any Midwest sportsman's table. Wisconsin is where our pheasant meat is farm-raised. It's lightly ... more info
Pork Jalepeno Sticks
If you are looking for a meat snack that will light your taste buds on fire you came to the right place! The Jalapeno in this product would even make ... more info
Pork Hawaiian Style Sticks
Pork, Hawaiian Style Snack Sticks gives you a taste of the beach, the luaus and the Hawaiian Islands! The mixture of a teriyaki & pineapple will make ... more info

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